NEW VERUS® Edge Diagnostic and Information System



• New-generation "Edge" design with thin tablet and large 10" capacitive touchscreen

• Integrated diagnostic suite:scan, scope, Fast Track® component tests, SureTrack® expert information, TSBs, repair tips, data manager and optional ShopKey® Pro repair information

• Access to OEM TSB’s and technical bulletins

• Powers up from Ready Mode in just five seconds

• Extended five-hour battery life, with days of standby power in Ready Mode

• Secure, 64 GB solid-state drive and a Quad-core Intel® Celeron® processor

• Factory-installed antivirus and security essentials

• Boots from cold in about a minute; powers up in Ready Mode in just five seconds

• Built-in Wi-Fi® and internet browser for the freedom to work wirelessly

• Thin and light tablet-style design, with a 1280x800 high-resolution display and capacitive touchscreen, sensitive to your every gesture

• Comprehensive data manager that can store thousands of vehicle records, customer data, vehicle IDs, fault codes, repair notes and diagnostic results

• Wireless Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® to stay connected to the vehicle and the internet while moving freely around the service bay

• Modular, dockable lab/ignition scope/meter with a 9' USB cable for portability

• Shared vehicle ID – select the vehicle once for all diagnostic functions

• One-Touch Full Vehicle Code Scan and Clear quickly checks and clears codes for all available modules on the vehicle

• Functions, tests and coverage previously found only in expensive factory tools

• Avoid unnecessary parts replacement. Exclusive Fast Track® Guided Component Tests show what to test, how to connect and what results to look for

• Includes: VERUS® Edge Platform with wireless scan module and 4-channel scope module, upgradeable software, keyless dta cable for all OBD-!! vehicle applications

• Also Includes: Four (4) shielded scope/meter test leads and alligator clips, Lithium-ion battery pack, 220 VAC power adaptor and cord, USB cable, custom-fit nylon carrying case and quick-start guide

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